Download MDL ISIS Draw 2.5 With AutoNom 2000 free

Written By JO on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

Download the AutoNom 2000 for ISIS/Draw Add-in for ISIS/Draw 

AutoNom Download Page

All users from Scandinavian and UK/Irish sites which have subscribed to the new CrossFire CHEST deal are entitled to use the software. AutoNom 2000 is automatically installed for use with the latest version of the Commander, V7 (PC users only; Commander V6 SP1 for the Mac comes with AutoNom Standard, V2.01).
AutoNom is an automatic nomenclature program which allows the user to draw a chemical structure with the Beilstein structure editor and then generate the correct IUPAC chemical name at the press of a button - for further details, click on Overview and then AutoNom from the menu, left.
ISIS/Draw 2.4 users may also download a copy of the AutoNom 2000 add-in, which allows them to generate IUPAC names directly from ISIS/Draw 2.4
The AutoNom software runs on a Windows PC with the MDL CrossFire Commmander or ISIS/Draw installed, or Macintosh (Commander only).
To download the files, hold down the Shift key (for PC users) or 'Option' key (for Mac users) as you click on the link. The file will then be downloaded.

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